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Since 1958, he became involved in several activities related with theatre, dance and fine arts, also studying architecture and design at the Central University of Venezuela. In 1965 he staged with José Ignacio Cabrujas the first multimedia shows in Caracas: "Testimonio" and "Homenaje a Henry Miller" (dance, theatre, films, slide projections, etc.). He then moved to New York City with a grant from the Venezuelan Government to study dance with Martha Graham, Alwin Nicolais y Merce Cunningham. In 1966 he performed the "The Illumination of the Buddha" with Allen Ginsberg and Timothy Leary (psychedelic shows). In 1967 he founded and directed "The Foundation for the Totality" (a Latinamerican vanguard group), presenting exhibitions, happenings, films publications, etc. Andy Warhol filmed several of the happenings performed by the group, and at the same time Rolando Peña acted in several of his films. The following year he wrote the script and acted on the first film about Ché Guevara entitled "Diálogo con Ché", directed in NYC by José Soltero. This film was invited in 1969 to the Cannes Film Festival, the Berlin Film festival and the Cinémathèque Palais Chaillot in Paris. He exhibited his first multimedia installation "Santería" in 1975 at the Bogarin Workshop Gallery in New York, opening with this same show the Annex at the Contemporary Art Museum of Caracas.

In 1980, he exhibits The Oil Tower at the Alternative Museum, N.Y.C., and begins the work on the oil theme, developing it along his career by exploring its multiple possibilities. He represented Venezuela at the 47th Venice Biennial in 1997. Two years later he presented the project "El Modelo Estándar de la Materia: Tributo al Siglo XX" (interactive multimedia installation) at the Sofía Imber Contemporary Art Museum of Caracas. This installation was a synthesis of atomic history from the Greeks to the present. As a result of this project he was paid homages in Valencia, Spain, at "Interarte 99", Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo, Consorcio de Museos de la Generalitat Valenciana and in Salamanca at Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo "El Gallo". In 2000 he took part at the London Biennial 2000 with "The Oil Spill" (video-installation). He presented "El Modelo Estándar de la Materia" (video-installation) at ExpoHannover 2000, Germany, and "Fuego Sagrado" (video-installation) at Observatori 2000, Valencia, Spain. The European Association of Young Artists organized a homage at Arco (Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo), Mercado de Fuencarral, Madrid, Spain. "Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking: God's Barrel" (video-installation) was exhibited in 2002 at Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo El Gallo, Salamanca 2002, Cultural Capital of Europe, Spain; at the London Biennial 2002; at the Istituto Italo Latino-Americano, Roma; and at the Museo Pinacoteca Amedeo Modigliani, Follonica, Italy. In 2003 he presented "El Barril de Dios", (video-installation) at the White Elephant Gallery, Paris, France, and in 2004 "Imágenes de la Resistencia" (digital images, actions, videos) at the Sala de la Fotografía (Margot Benacerraf), Ateneo de Caracas. He organized "Los Diálogos de la Resistencia", at the ONG (Organización Nelson Garrido), Caracas. The Andrés Bello Catholic University (School of Literature) celebrated his work with a cycle of talks entitled "Arte Ciencia y Tecnología, en la obra de Rolando Peña".In 2005 he presents DARKENERGIE:Tribute to Albert Einstein,interactive multimedia installation,at the Centro Cultural of the Corp Group Foundation,Caracas. In 2006 he present "Art, Science and Technology in the work of Rolando Peña" (Multimedia-Presentation) Maison de l´Amérique Latine, Paris, France. In 2008 Inauguration The Barrel of God (Mural), The Andres Bello Catholic University, Caracas, Venezuela, Arte ≠ Vida: Actión by Artists of the Americas, 1960 – 2000" (Photos, Video, Movie), El Museo del Barrio, New York City. USA, "Pedacito de Cielo", (Photos), Carpenter Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA, Square "Mene", Colinas de Bello Monte, Caracas, Venezuela. In 2009 won the "Guggenheim Fellowship", opens "ID Performance" at the Centro Cultural Chacao, Caracas, In 2010 opened "The Standard Model of Matter", monumental work, USB (Universidad Simón Bolivar) Sartenejas, Venezuela. Present "Green Oil" interactive multimedia installation and closed the show whith "Green Art Sound", LaCaja – Centro Cultural Chacao. In 2011, acting in the film "Reverón" by Diego Risquez and AICA (International Association of Art Critic) awarded the prize AICA 2010 "Master of Venezuelan Art", Present "Black Art Sound" Performance (Por el medio de la calle) Caracas, Venezuela. In 2012 present the instalation "The Oil Spill – Río Guarapiche" Velada Santa Lucía, Maracaibo, Venezuela. The AVAP (Venezuelan Association of Artists) gives Armando Reveron Award 2012. On the occasion of the Annual Convention AsoVAC LXII make the Mural "The Higgs Barrel" for the Metropolitana University, Caracas, 2012.

As curator he has organized the international shows: "Les Droits de l´Art", Chapelle de la Salpêtrière, Paris (1989); Pierre Restany "Le Coer et la Raison", Morleix, France (1991); V Muestra Internacional de Video, Sevilla, Spain (1991); and "AU DELA", Observatori 2001, Segundo Festival Internacional de Arte, Valencia, Spain. He present "Performance Art" (Dialogues-Performance), at the Cultural Center O.N.G., 2007, Caracas, Venezuela. In 2009 "Our Daily Performance" (Performance), UCAB (Universidad Católica Andrés Bello), CVA (Centro Venezolano Americano), ONG y Centro Cultural Chacao.